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AeroDynamic Aviation

Located on-field at Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) in San Jose, California, at the south end of San Francisco Bay, since 1960, and at Salinas Municipal Airport (KSNS), in Salinas, California, 15 miles east of Monterey, AeroDynamic Aviation (formerly Amelia Reid Aviation) flight school offers complete flight training including Sport and Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatic ...

Need to polish up your knowledge? Intensive checkride and test prep ground school coming up April 26/27 Need to polish up your knowledge? Intensive checkride and test prep ground school coming up April 26/27

Need to polish up your knowledge before your checkride or knowledge test? Nervous about the oral test? Just want to learn more? Keep the last weekend in April free, we have just the deal for you Coby Sena and Jen Delp-Mallet will be offering an intensive checkride test preparation ground school on the weekend of April 26th and 27th, at Reid Hillview. Two full days of amazing instruction. Coby is also the local Civil Air Patrol check pilot (and fo ...

AirPooler – Lyft for airplanes? Or how to win a free T-shirt

Here is an interesting piece of news. AirPooler is trying to do for private planes what Lyft or similar carsharing sites have done for cars. I am taking guesses for how long they survive till the FAA shuts them down. The person who guesses the number of days correctly gets a free T Shirt. Meanwhile try to list the various regulations that would be broken Excerpt from their announcement Heres how AirPooler works. Pilots choose a date and itinerary ...

New Cessna: N1117U New Cessna: N1117U

Exciting news we are adding a new plane to the fleet AeroDynamic member Steve Pierce has agreed to put his 1976 Cessna 172M on leaseback starting today, take good care of it Cessna 1117U will be available from to rent while N54102, AeroDynamics Cessna 172P is down for a new paint job and engine. The plane is tied down on the second row next to the other Cessnas.See photos below The plane is equipped with a 4 place intercom, Garmin GTN 650 touchsc ...

AeroDynamic will be at the Columbia Fly-in Saturday, March 29th! AeroDynamic will be at the Columbia Fly-in Saturday, March 29th!

Join us at the Hangar 6 Columbia Fly-in,gathering of vintage, classic, warbird, taildragger, and biplane machines at Columbia Airport (O22). Book a plane and come for a fun day in and around great planes and people Well be on hand offering intro, tailwheel, and acro rides, enjoying the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills around Columbia.

New Private Pilot: Paul Huckaby New Private Pilot: Paul Huckaby

We have a new pilot in our midst Paul Huckaby flew over to Calaveras for his checkride with examiner Rob Davids in Citabria 1806G. Well done to Paul and his instructor, Patrick Cabral Patrick (right) and Paul (left) in front of Citabria 1806G

FAA Computer Testing Supplement Update (From Gleim)

Gleim Pilot community, As you may know, some of the figures on the FAA Knowledge Tests have been used without revision for decades and therefore look outdated. Fortunately for future students, the FAA is in the process of updating these figures. Gleim applauds this refinement, and we want to disseminate what we know about the FAAs progress so that you and your colleagues can be more effective in preparing and passing the FAA Pilot Knowledge Tests ...

Want to “See” Bernoulli?

Want to See Bernoulli? OK, so the link will take you to a gun video, but even for those of you who dont like guns, keep watching. You will be able to see Bernoullis principle in action. You will also learn a lot about how an airplane moves through the sea of air around it, albeit at slower speeds than those of bullets. AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) Smarter Every Day 97

The President is Coming – Bay Area TFR on Monday The President is Coming – Bay Area TFR on Monday

The Bay Area is getting another visit from Air Force One on Monday. Presidential TFR Nov 25, 13 Reid Hillview will be affected by a 32nm TFR centered on the SFO VOR, which means that from 10 15am PST to 3 59pm PST, flights will be restricted. Not prohibited, just restricted. We will still be able to fly from the airport and come back, but flight plans will need to be filed and activated and a squawk code obtained BEFORE takeoff. Do remember to tu ...

News: Formation Flying Class April 19/20/21 News: Formation Flying Class April 19/20/21

We are planning a formation flying class for the weekend of April 19 20 21. If you have ever wondered about what it takes, here is your chance. Fly formation with your friends, arrive at fly-ins in style, improve your skills and become a smoother pilot. There will be a ground school on the Friday late afternoon, then flying sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The syllabus will cover a complete ten flight course designed to teach you all you need to ...