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AeroDynamic Aviation

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Located on-field at Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) in San Jose, California, at the south end of San Francisco Bay, since 1960, and at Salinas Municipal Airport (KSNS), in Salinas, California, 15 miles east of Monterey, AeroDynamic Aviation (formerly Amelia Reid Aviation) flight school offers complete flight training including Sport and Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatic ...

New AeroDynamic Instructor

New Flight Instructor Casey Walker with FSDO examiner Jordan Congratulations to Casey Walker and his CFI Jen Delp-Mallet AeroDynamic is pleased to announce we have a new instructor joining our ranks Casey initially completed his tailwheel training with us, and yesterday finished his CFI (flight instructor) checkride with Jordan from SJC FSDO. You will find Casey teaching primarily at our Monterey and Salinas locations, and soon he will be teachin ...

AeroDynamic’s Own gets her Tailwheel!

Happiness is taildragging You may have seen her around the Monterey and Salinas offices, but now shell be buzzing through the airports in our Citabrias Danielle earned her Private Pilot license with us a while back, and now shes moved on to taildragging. We cant wait to see what she accomplishes next. Awesome job, Danielle and Instructor Dave Stoic

New tailwheel pilot

New taildragger pilot Jim Beal heads off into the blue with his wife by his side (or rather, behind him) in our Monterey Citabria affectionately known as Daisy. Congrats on finishing your tailwheel transition with Instructor Melissa Courtney Jim takes his wife for a tour of Monterey Bay

Instrument Checkride Passed – Armin Monajemi

We are proud to announce Armin Monajemi has passed his Instrument checkride Armin has been working diligently for the last month perfecting his approaches and instrument knowledge. We would like to thank CFII Dick Chang who put in many hours of instruction to get Armin up to standards and ready for the checkride.Great job gentleman

First Solo – Owen Leipelt!

Owen Leipelt and CFI Jason Brown Congratulations to Owen Leipelt who celebrated his 16th birthday with his first solo flight Owens solo shirt Thank you to CFI Jason Brown, and CFI Elijah Young, whove all worked hard tohelp Owen reach his goal Along with our CFIs and Owens family and friends, were happy to see this talented young man progress towards becoming a licensed pilot.

AOPA Writes About Our Chief!

Something seems very right with the universe. Amelia Reid founded her flight school, Amelia Reid Aviation (now AeroDynamic Aviation) in 1960 because she wanted to have time for her son. Jennifer Delp Mallet gave up a career with the airlines and became a flight instructor for the exact same reason Fifty five years after its founding, Jen is now the Chief Instructor and co-owner of AeroDynamic Aviation, continuing the tradition of good old fashion ...

Parisian Pilot’s Taildragger Trip

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a Parisian Pilot with a thirst for taildraggers. Olivier Barloy visited from Paris to try out the art of taildragging. He flew every member of our Champion family with several of our instructors. Citabrias with Grainne, Kendall, Mark and Jim, the Decathlon for some spins, loops and rolls with Jim, and at the end the classic 1946 Aeronca Champ with Zdravko. A perfect final flight for a week of taildragger ad ...

News: Formation Flying Class April 19/20/21

News: Formation Flying Class April 19/20/21

We are planning a formation flying class for the weekend of April 19 20 21. If you have ever wondered about what it takes, here is your chance. Fly formation with your friends, arrive at fly-ins in style, improve your skills and become a smoother pilot. There will be a ground school on the Friday late afternoon, then flying sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The syllabus will cover a complete ten flight course designed to teach you all you need to ...