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Global AI Traffic 2013 V3.03


The Global AI Traffic Group has released a new version of Global AI Traffic for FS9 and FSX. This brings the package to version 3.03. Global AI Traffic is an expansion-application software for flight simulation software Microsoft Flight Simulator on IBM-Compatible computers with Windows Operating System. It is a free software that greatly enhances the realism of the simulated flight. Installing Global AI Traffic in your flight simulator will improve aeronautical traffic conditions in skies and airport around the world, reaching incredible levels of realism. The simulation air traffic will be real. You'll see takeoffs, landings and aircraft crossings in the skies from world's airlines, with real original logos and real routes. Not more boring flights and far away from everyday reality.



- AI Disappeared Textures (Solved)
- Traffic-AI speeds modified (Solved)
- Setting the installation directory (Solved)

- Zest Airways (Updated to 2013)
- TransAsia Airways (Updated to 2013) incl A330-300
- Cubana de Aviacion (Updated to 2013) incl Antonov An-158
- Cebu Pacific (Updated to 2013) incl A320 Sharklets
- IndiGo (Updated to 2013) incl A320 Sharklets
- Go2Sky (Updated to 2013)
- SunExpress (Updated to 2013)
- SunExpress Deutschland (Updated to 2013)


You'll find the downloadlinks here at their forum.

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